About Us

The Women of Peace provides mediums for female driven peace empowerment, leadership development and inspiration to the world.

Global Peace Events

In The Women of Peace Assemblies, Talks, and an Online Peace School for women around the globe can find unique and inspirational educational tools,  gathering with female thought leaders, teachers, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about being the source of peace to the world.

Each meeting invites world-renowned speakers, and facilitators of peace, to share inspiration and expertise.

Our Mission

We, The Women of Peace, learn to cultivate peace within and from this inner peace, we walk in peace, accepting only love and peace into our lives and assisting the transmutation of anything other than peace to peace. We believe that as peace we become the soil of healing and love to the world. The better we become at being peaceful the more we trust ourselves, we trust we speak from love, we trust we respond with truth and conviction, we trust what we deserve and do not settle or step back, we trust we can give from a place of abundance, we trust our voice is needed and is to be taken seriously, we trust we can make a bigger difference in this world.

Global Peace Visionaries

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Words of Peace from Jelena

“The Women of Peace is for all women. I have a vision that The Women of Peace is to be the source of healing for not only for the women we serve themselves, but everyone, leaving trails of light and inspiration wherever they go. The Women of Peace will serve as a reminder of what is possible when one commits to their own peace and wellbeing and have the capacity to connect in love with everyone. My prayer is that The Women of Peace touches the hearts and souls of millions of people around the world, reminding them of the graceful healing power of a women in her peace, supporting female empowerment and spreading tools of peace empowerment and sacred leadership to anyone who wants to be the peaceful change we wish to see.”

As women our peace has a different quality than men. It is not stagnant, or still, nor does it have a baby blue quality to it.Instead the peace of the feminine, a quality of peace desperately needed on the planet, is dynamic and self soothing and harmonizing. The feminine representation of peace is vibrant, colorful, rich, nourishing, alive and in itself a breathing force of nature. The Women of Peace gather with intention to bring this feminine peace we are now learning to cultivate within ourselves out to the world, restoring balance and contributing to a new landscape where all people can live safer, happier, and more free.