Upcoming Events


In line with our mission, The Women of Peace invite you to join weekly Peace Talk experiences led by global leaders on mindfulness, peace and love empowerment.

Each week you will receive a peace empowerment too you can experience in community on Zoom and then use later in your everyday life. After the experience you will have an opportunity to safely express and share what is coming up in this time and be listened to and held.

There will be no coaching or fixing – just an opportunity to be in a safe space, learn and tap into your own heart Each meeting will close with a unified prayer for all to be happy, healthy and well.

Amazing leaders are graciously standing alongside The Women of Peaceto gift you this experience, previously only asccessible to members.

MONDAYS @ 8pm EST via Zoom


An International Women’s Day Celebration

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, we invite you for an all-day festival of peace, joy, fun, learning, creativity, inspiration and giving back. 

Location – The Sacred Space. Miami

MAR 8 @ 10am-05:30pm


May – June 2020

More details coming soon

Planned events

Celebratory Assemblies

The Women of Peace Assembly  is a global educational gathering of female thought leaders, teachers, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about being the source of peace to the world. Each meeting invites world-renowned speakers, and facilitators of peace, to share inspiration and expertise. All proceeds benefit a selected non-profit supporting local or global peace efforts who will take center stage to inspire guests with their work. These are members-only event.

Educational Peace Talks

  • Facilitated by trained Peace Angel Ambassadors
  • Hosted in cities all over the world but primarily US
  • Each will focus on a different area of peace empowerment and alignment with your soul imprint and truth.
  • Miami, NYC, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Bali, London
  • Coordinated with conscious gatherings such as Summit, Bali Spirit Fest… where women of peace flow.

Educational Peace Talks coming soon

Yearly Retreat


The Women of Peace will hold a yearly retreat to help raise money to support a local or global peace project elevating women, children and undeserved communities.

Retreats coming soon